King Never is an alternative rock band influenced by 80's new wave and progressive rock, based near Sacramento, California, USA. Our songs features intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, and slightly left of center musical arrangements to keep it all interesting.  Imagine if members of the Police and the Fixx infiltrated King Crimson and Minus The Bear.

The band is comprised of members Matt McCabe (vocals, guitar, guitar loops, Moog bass pedals), Jordan Reading (bass, background vocals) and Nick Baranski (drums). The name King Never comes from a passage of Fydor Dostoevsky's classic novel Crime and Punishment.

Founded in 1995, King Never began its conceptual life as an outlet for guitarist Matt's explorations in real-time looping techniques.  Over time, King Never morphed into a "full band" studio project featuring many guest collaborators, including Able Cain alumni Greg Asher and Jordan Reading, Jeff Elbel (Ping), Jake Wood (Super Adventure Club), Evan Parandes, and Kristy McCabe.

In the Spring of 2012, it was time for King Never to leave the confines on the studio.  After ignoring a co-worker's suggestion to audition his brother, who was "pretty good on bass," for far too long, Matt finally met bassist Karl Lane.  Karl joined on the spot.  After a handful of auditions, drummer Scott Gontjes was added to the lineup.  The trio played a number of well received gigs in the greater Sacramento area.

Shortly after releasing the EP 37 in the Spring of 2013, Scott unexpectedly decided to leave the band to pursue other projects.  Karl and Matt auditioned a handful of drummers, but it wasn't until another co-worker mentioned that his brother-in-law played drums, that the duo found the right man for the job.  And so, Nick Baranski became King Never's new drummer.

On August 11, 2014, after a short battle with cancer, Karl passed away.

In November 2015, Matt's long time friend Jordan Reading was recruited to play bass with the band.