Popup Interview

Popup: What are your plans for the future of King Never? Matt McCabe (MM): I hope to continue the King Never project indefinitely. The whole concept behind the project was to give me an outlet for songs that didn't necessary fit stylistically with one of my other projects.

Popup: How long does it take for an average song to go from a musical idea to a recordable song?

MM: For the Ambient Guitar Noise CD, all of the songs were written and recorded at the same time. One the other hand, some of the songs I'm finishing now have been floating around for years. It really depends on the song.

Popup: Tell us about your website.

MM: www.finleysound.com/kingnever. Need I say more?

Popup: Are there any established artists with whom you would like to collaborate?

MM: Brian Eno, David Torn, David Bowie, David Sylvian...am I missing any Davids? King Crimson, U2....any artist that is pushing the creative envelop.

Popup: Describe the times revolving around a song your currently working on, that led to it to be written.

MM: I've really excited about one song in particular....one of those "floating around for years" songs. It's a concept song inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, Shelley's Frankenstein, and to a lessor extent Sting's Be Still My Beating Heart. I have pages and pages of lyrical ideas just waiting to be developed further. The concept is so daunting that it's difficult to pin down.

Popup: How important do you think tour support is?

MM: For bands, I think tour support is very important. Nothing breaks a musician's spirit quicker than loading and unloading gear all day!!

Popup: Will mp3.com really provide an avenue for people to make it?

MM: Definitely. For projects like Ambient Guitar Noise, where the target audience is already small, mp3.com allows me to tap into the world market for ambient music...which is fairly large! Most towns don't have a huge ambient scene you know.

Popup: Do you feel that "underground" is just a marketing term like anything else?

MM: Of course it is. It's no different than "grunge" and "alternative" were a few years ago.

Popup: How big of an impact do you think the underground indie scene has on the current pop culture?

MM: The indie scene has had a huge impact on pop music. Some good, some bad. Major labels have tried to repackage the indie vibe in a marketable format and have totally missed the mark. Just turn on the radio. The airwaves are saturated with music that has little or no artistic merit.

Popup: Thanks for sitting down and talking with us!