Dodgy Lyrics and Re-Voiced Chords

Work is progressing nicely on our new three song EP.  Finally.  I got a bit bogged down with lyric writing paralysis, but that has passed.  Two songs are ready to go and the final song is well underway. Yesterday afternoon I spent some quality time working on the final song, tentatively titled It Doesn't Have To Be (yes, a horrid, whiney name).  Of any of our songs to date, this one has been re-worked the most.  It started life back when Scott was still drumming for us and underwent at least two major re-writes with different, yet similar chords, and some dodgy verse lyrics that never seemed right.  Another major re-write happened when Nick joined.  I changed the chords again and Karl recorded what will be the final bass line.  My guitar part was getting closer, but still wasn't THE PART.  Well, that is, until yesterday afternoon.  I re-voiced a few chords and simplified the others and was left with the distinct impression that Karl would really dig what I came up with.  So...the verse lyrics still need help, but now that the music feels right, they will come quickly.

If you are subscribed to our email list (and if not, why not?), you'll notice we've switched to MailChimp for list management stuff.  Hopefully the switch was seamless and nothing blew up in cyberspace.

Thanks for your continued support.