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Uncertainty, Podcasters and Pumpkins

If you would have asked me in January where I would be living in May, I would have replied, "Much closer to my bandmates." Well, things haven't quite worked out and I'm still two and a half hours away. My big plans for King Never in 2011 have been delayed, but I'm still hopeful!

I've been using this period of uncertainty to refine my guitar rig and work on new material. So far, I've finished one new song and am close to finishing a second - I just need to finish those pesky lyrics. I'm pleased with the direction of the new material and look forward to fleshing out the arrangements with the band.

In other news, did you know you can download any (or all) of King Never's albums for "name your price"? It's true. Pay nothing or pay something. Go on over to to start downloading.

Oh. I would be remiss not to thank the wonderful Nick Tann for playing King Never on episode 80 of his excellent Is This Thing On? Podcast. Give it a listen. Nick plays some great indie music and is a very entertaining host.

Interestingly, Nick compares our song Sorrow to the Smashing Pumpkins. He is the second podcaster to make this reference, so there must be something to it! Ironically, I've never been a fan of the Pumpkins and have been known to use Billy Corgan as an example of a singer with poor vocal quality. You know what they say about kharma!

Thanks for your continued support and interest in King Never!