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King Never Podcast #15 - Introducing...

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the King Never Podcast, I am releasing two songs from the new album. This episode features a commentary track for those songs.  I discuss the meaning behind some of the lyrics and my inspiration for the lyrical imagery. Both songs can be downloaded for free here. If you like the songs, please share them with a friend or two.  Help spread the word!

Let me know if you like the commentary track idea.  I have a few more songs to release over the coming months and will continue the commentary if you guys find it interesting and informative.

Thanks for listening.

King Never Podcast #13 - Merry Christmas!

Just a quick podcast to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.To celebrate, from now until January 1, 2010, I am offering all King Never albums as FREE downloads. Truthfully, it's a "pay what you want" deal, but it's okay to enter the big zeros!  Get your songs here. Thanks for listening. Intro music: Fragments from Orphans, Misfits & Fragments by King Never. Outro music: The Quiet Hour from Lullabies & Sleepless Nights by King Never.

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King Never Podcast #12 - "Sorrow" and Limited Edition Ideas

In this episode, I talk about the song Sorrow - the last song that needs to be recorded for the album! Among other things, you'll hear a couple of different versions of the resonator/dobro/acoustic guitar part for the song. Let me know which version you prefer.I also ask for some ideas on what to include in a possible limited edition "bundle" of the album. Suggestions please! Thanks for listening. Intro music: Fragments from Orphans, Misfits & Fragments by King Never. Outro music: The Quiet Hour from Lullabies & Sleepless Nights by King Never.

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